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  • Kaburakis, A., Pierce, D., Fleming, O., Clavio, G., Lawrence, H., and Dziuba, D. “It’s in the likeness”. NCAA Student-Athletes’ Rights of Publicity, EA Sports, and the video-game industry. The Keller forecast.
    Entertainment and Sports Lawyer
    (American Bar Association’s Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries) (in press)
  • Pierce, D., Kaburakis, A., and Fielding, L. The New Amateurs: The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Application of Amateurism in a Global Sports Arena.
    International Journal of Sport Management
    (in press)
  • Kaburakis, A. Litigation opportunism, or systemic change de jure?
    The ongoing legal war and impending crucial battles that may change the NCAA… or confirm its unique position in the world of sport.
    World Sports Law Report
    (in press)