Amateurism proposals 2010 – Likeness

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UPDATE IV: Chronicle of Higher Education plug here. We are keeping at it.

UPDATE III: No go. LGC defeats three, tables one. Very prudently so, with the pending litigation analyzed earlier and in our ensuing pieces. LGC met earlier this week, Apr 11 and 12, on important agenda items. Check back here for full April LGC meeting report. And stay tuned, quite a bit coming up on this amateurism policy front in the near future.

UPDATE II: After the January Convention and the Legislative Council (LGC) sending Proposal 2010-26 for further membership review and commentary, the Amateurism Cabinet provided recently (Feb 2011) some options for adoption of the proposal for the membership (and eventually the LGC) to consider. As usual the LGC will have the key decision in its mid-April meeting in which it can adopt, defeat, or amend legislation, forwarding to the Board of Directors (end of April meeting), which will be charged with the decision triggering the final 60-days’ override period carrying the proposal to its final status as adopted, amended (and adopted), or defeated at the end of June.


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Update: Kanter wrap-up here.

More subsequent to the NCAA Convention this week.

Proposal 2009-22 in 2010

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UPDATE: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Impressive, and congrats to all involved! The delayed enrollment portion of 09-22 indeed suspended for 2010-2011. Solid work from many constituents in order to maintain the crucial balance embedded in 09-22. Outstanding and inspired work from Amateurism Cabinet and Legislative Council (LGC) members. Also major kudos and congrats to the several coaches associations, compliance professionals, and many stakeholders who presented solid arguments and precedent/research-based data that would build a strong case for the LGC to agree on amending 09-22 and suspending the delayed enrollment portion. And a note of recognition to a group that rarely receives praise, but most frequently is chastised and criticized in popular media: the national office staff… Their efforts should be appreciated by all involved parties, in streamlining the legislative process, engaging in constant educational and communication outreach efforts, learning and teaching key constituents (and each other) in the membership’s usually mercurial course of policy-making. There are good, balanced, hard-working, highly motivated people in Indy right now, trying to maintain the extremely delicate balance between the Association’s principles and contemporary reality, which often just does not allow for maintaining the traditional principles this miracle of higher education and sport entailed from its creation through the 20th Century.

International Student-Athletes & NCAA

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Next to the amateurism developments elaborated below, it is good to review the article on international student-athletes in the Fall edition of NCAA’s Champion Magazine here. Also interesting to peruse, a recent article on ESPN here, and a very recent one from SI here.

Amateurism Policy news and props.

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Proposal 2009-22 progress in 2010 and commentary here.

UPDATE III: As anticipated, Proposal 2009-22 was adopted (note: Prop. 2009-22 amendments vote tally; pp 4, 9,  10) last Thursday, January 14, 2010, by the DI Legislative Council, pending Board of Directors review.  There were significant last minute amendments pertaining to the effective date for tennis SAs, now set for Aug. 1, 2011, and the exclusion of skiing from the scope of the proposal.

New NCAA Policy Proposals

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New and recent NCAA Policy Proposals

Pertinent LSDBi Links and resources below:

(Pending Proposal Draft for Competition with Professionals and Definition of Professional Team, namely the reconsideration of withholding conditions for prospects who competed pre-enrollment on teams that featured professionals, but did not themselves receive above and beyond permissible expenses per Bylaw 12, as well as treatment of post-first-opportunity-to-enroll amateurism matters, will be posted herein as soon as it becomes available. Related Amateurism Cabinet Reports from February and June 2009 meetings are important to review.)