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  • Kaburakis, A., Potuto, J., Katz, R., and Hilbert, R.(2010). Amateurism Compliance, 21st Century Law, Intellectual Property and Student-Athletes’ Rights of Publicity, institutional promotions, marketing, and commercial activity.
    2010 National Association for Athletics Compliance Annual Conference as part of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Annual Convention,
    Anaheim, California – June 21-22, 2010
    Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits session
  • Yakovee, V. & Kaburakis, A. (2010). International Risk Management Considerations for the Global Sports Lawyer.
    36th Annual Sports Lawyers Association Conference
    , Phoenix, Arizona – May 20-22, 2010
    CLE credits session
  • Kaburakis, A., Miller, K, Dahlberg, E, and Patel, S. (2010). Science, Law, Policy and Inclusion leading to the London Olympics. Changing Perspective: Gender in Sport Competition.
    College Conference on Law, Policy and the Olympic Movement, London, England – May 13-15, 2010
  • Sharp, L. & Kaburakis, A. (2010). The National Letter of Intent: A Contract Analysis.
    2010 College Sport Research Institute Scholarly Conference,
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – April 21-23, 2010
  • Kaburakis, A., Kposowa, A., Paule, A., and Glyniadaki, A. Race, ethnicity, and the globalization of sports: stories of college athletes.
    (under review)
  • Kaburakis, A. Sport talent, labor migration, and the adventures of youth. A comparative analysis of the Junichi Tazawa and Brandon Jennings cases.
    (under review)
  • Kaburakis, A., Grady, J., Clavio, G., and Pierce, D. Delineating the Boundaries of Marketing Innovation Versus 21st Century Intellectual Property Theory in the Entertainment & Sports Industry.
    (under review)

Journal Articles

  • Kaburakis, A., Sharp, L., and Pierce, D. Integrating fields in Sport Law: Using the O’Brien v Ohio State University case to teach principles of Contract Law, NCAA Compliance, and International Arbitration.
    (under review)
  • Pierce, D., Lawrence, H., and Kaburakis, A. Creating Synergy between Athletics Compliance and Academic Programs. Student Workers in the Compliance Office.
    (under review)