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Published, Spring-Summer-Fall 2014-2018: 

Amicus Brief:  

Brief for Amici Curiae Ryan M. Rodenberg, Anastasios Kaburakis, and John T. Holden, in support of petitions for writ of certiorari

(March 14, 2014)

In the Supreme Court of the United States

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, et al., Petitioners v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al. Respondents, No. 13-967 (U.S. 2014)  

New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, Inc. Petitioners v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al. Respondents, No. 13-979 (U.S. 2014)

Stephen M. Sweeney, President of the New Jersey Senate, et al., Petitioners v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al. Respondents, No. 13-980 (U.S. 2014) 

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