ECJ on MOTOE case — EU Competition Law and related developments

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(Full archive available upon request)

This interesting link comes from Greece.
(The factual background is intriguing, reminding us why many Greeks are working far from the Motherland!)
Therein, we read that there was a change in the Transportation Code, which apparently did away with ELPA’s influence (heretofore the sole proprietor for both state licensed races and the one who would issue the licenses… something like FIA of old in a way…) and mentioned that licensed motorsports’ races could be conducted after the acknowldgment and preapproval of a Greek motorsports federation (here it was focusing on motorcycle racing)… which the article ironically points out doesn’t exist at this point, and it further ironically points out that it would be too much to expect from the Greek state to recognize officially such a federation, which I gather was what MOTOE was aspiring to be…

Webster Decision – Gentleman’s Agreement?

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First off, thanks to Geoff for initiating this matter for discussion.

Naturally, many of us here would have a blast taking up a case for FIFPro and any affected players in view of EC Treaty Arts 81, 82 et seq and in essence challenging the collusion such an agreement would create, but I don’t feel we even have to entertain such a discussion…

Blatter, UEFA Homegrown plan and the Commission

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As I was compiling links and sources for an article, here is the section (below) referring to our conversations this week and the pertinent references from EurActiv, EC, etc… Importantly, heretofore the EC position on the 6+5 rule is what everyone would expect, considering Employment/Labor Law and ECJ Jurisprudence. However, just for fun, here is an outrageous conspiracy theory:

European Parliament — Comm. on Culture and Education motion — Follow up on EC WP and action items

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Update on the plenary vote of the European Parliament on the previously discussed report on the Commission’s White Paper on Sport:

518 in favour, 49 against, and 9 abstentions according to today’s release…

Intriguing… Sheepishly considered and problematic, but you can make your own determinations, and for further commentary refer to the Sport and EU Newsletter (pp 3-4)…

FIBA Arbitral Tribunal

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This is the second case decided by the FAT, the new international basketball federation ADR mechanism.

Some of you may remember Khalid El-Amin from his UConn championship run in 1999.

Somewhat entertaining…
…especially Claimants first request (reckon it couldn’t hurt)…
…and Respondent’s counterclaim re: losing another player represented by the same agent…
Reminder that regardless of the amount of dispute the non-reimbursable filing fee is 3,000 Euros. This time the respondents actually paid their share on advance costs (set at $5,000 for each party…) and participated in the arbitration process.