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… honored, humbled, and tremendously excited for good work ahead on all fronts:

Sport Business International
2010 Top 20 Most Influential Sports Lawyers

SportBusiness staff, readers, and Andy Brown (Editor, World Sports Law Report) nominate the most influential lawyers in the sports industry over the past year and explain why they made the list. The Sport Business International Journal is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive publication for the international sport industry.

Several updates on various projects and significant developments for our SLU Program, the Alliance for Sport Business, our collaborative research groups, and a host of promising opportunities we have been blessed with, to ensue over the course of the next couple of months… It will surely be a plenty busy and entertaining spring… We will all keep enjoying the learning process and contribution efforts.

Also overdue, some NCAA amateurism policy and international student-athletes updates, during an extremely hectic fall and academic year. Roundup of amateurism-related proposals, commercial actors and promotional activity, agents and professional sports counseling panels, as well as the usual tidbits of insight from key stakeholders, should follow upon return from the NCAA Convention in San Antonio, over the second week of Jan. Further, the Scholarly Colloquium will allow for important discussions and yield potential directions for gender and inclusion policy, with our panel focusing on transgender and intersex athletes’ matters, following the ISLBC keynote forum.
Stay tuned and if around during the days of the Convention in San Antonio, please feel free to contact so we may visit and brainstorm on issues of interest.